BMDriving will strive to make your driving lessons enjoyable and fun while still fully focusing on the DVSA techniques to get the best results from your driving lessons, it's very important that not only are you being taught in the correct manner and with the correct methods, but that you're comfortable and relaxed during your lessons.


We know that you will be nervous not just on your first lesson but also on subsequent lessons too, so we will do everything we can to relieve any stress that you may feel.


BMDriving will structure your lessons to your individual needs, and not only to teach you how to pass your driving test, but to teach you safe driving skills for life.


You will be given feedback at the end off each lesson on your strengths and weakness and what you achieved on your lesson and what your objective will be for your next lesson.


Also at the start of your lesson you will have a recap on your previous lesson.



Remember you will also have an input into your lessons as you know better than anyone how you learn best.